Snazzi Avio

Snazzi Avio 1.6

Snazzi AVIO is an internal Analog Video & Audio I/O card for the PC
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Snazzi* DV. AVIO is a very high quality, internal Analog Video & Audio (AV) and Digital Video (DV) I/O card for the PC. This unit installs in the PC in a standard half size PCI card slot and enables to capture and supports DV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and WMV.
Snazzi* DV. AVIO turns your computer into a state of the art movie making machine.
With Snazzi* DV. AVIO you can capture video (Digital Camera, Webcam, Digital Video Camcorder) and audio (MP3, WMA or Audio CD Clips) data that can be used to create custom movies. It is also possible to create your own movies with special effects like voice-overs, transition screens, scrolling
titles and music.
You can produce Hollywood style DVD discs that can be shared with family and friends through online posting or by copying your movies to CD (with a CD writer)

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